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Reading this section below will help you catch up on all thats going on in my site, thanks for taking the time to read. If you can help me get published please donate to my go fund me so I can take my works to iUniverse and get it all done!

DATE: March 10th, 2015 If you look around here you will see the changes I made to the layout that I'm thinking of implementing throughout the whole site. (Right now it's only here and in a few other pages) Also do you care to comment? I've added a forum shortly so readers can post :) check it out in the links and if there needs to be a new forum let me know!

Date: March 9th 2015 Book 3 is now added to the site! Next in line is the first few chapters of book 4 and book 5! Look for the links! I'm also debating on revamping the sidebar which you currently see where each book is listed. I'm thinking smaller ones with a scroll bar so I can add more side bars to the whole general layout. (I'm working on this concept now... Fingers crossed it works)

DATE: Feb 7thth 2015 - Currently - Book One and two are completely set back up on the site.

DATE: Jan 17th 2015 - NOTICE: Site is being updated! New layout is going up and spotted spelling mistakes corrected. :) Please bear with me as I clean up the mess of my site.

Date: Jan 7th 2015: PLEASE note below is a link to one of my other stories I've written (I have several!) click on it and check it out. It is a "Spin off" story Called generation Ork which is based off of Mork and Mindy's children. :) If you enjoy it please let me know! My Poetry is also listed in the links below.

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